2012 Photos

David and Janice Kram's 2012 Photo Memory Album

Home videos of breaching whales, spinner dolphins, Mauna Kea volcano with snow, Molokai mule ride and surf can be viewed at:

Big Island

This was our second trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.
We spent this trip visiting sites on the West side (Kona) of the island.
You'll see pictures from the south end of the island (very dry and lots of lava) to the north end (very green and lush).

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This was our first trip to the sleepy island of Molokai.
You'll see pictures of all corners of the island including the leper colony.

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St. Louis

David and Mike attended the UNITE conference in St. Louis.
Janice also came on the trip and worked remotely.

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Miscellaneous Photos

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August visit to Milwaukee
Check out a video of the making of Cherries Jubilee at Seven Seas:

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Devil's Lake

Trip to Devil's Lake with Joshua and Natalie
This is the first time to the park for Jan and Natalie, and it has been about 20 years since Joshua and Dad last visited.

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Christmas in Milwaukee

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