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Movies after 2013 are included as part of that year's photo album and are not listed here.
2013 Movies
Trinidad - Flocks of Scarlet Ibis Return to Nest Each Evening
Trinidad - The Silverstars Steel Pan Orchestra Practicing a Song
Tobago - The Nylon Pool
2012 Movies
Seven Seas dinner - Cherries Jubilee
Hawaii - Big Island - Whales 1
Hawaii - Big Island - Whales 2
Hawaii - Big Island - Whales 3
Hawaii - Big Island - Spinner Dolphins
Hawaii - Mauna Kea with Snow
Hawaii - Molokai Surf
Hawaii - Molokai Mule Ride
2011 Movies
Antigua Steel Band
Antigua - English Harbor
Montserrat - Plymouth
Montserrat - Plymouth
Grand Canyon - South Rim, West side
Grand Canyon - South Rim, East side
2010 Movies
Jan Parasailing - Out
Jan Parasailing - In
2009 Movies
Nevis - Horse Track
Nevis - End of Race #2
2008 Movies
Barbados - North Point Crashing Waves
Bequia - Raising the Sails on the Friendship Rose
Bequia - Sailing on the Friendship Rose Schooner
2007 Movies
Landing on Saba
2006 Movies
Bellagio Water Fountain Show (Vegas)
Take Off from Ambergris Caye
Flight from San Pedro to Belize City
Water Taxi Ride
2005 Movies
Kauai - Ditch Trail Overlook
Kauai - Waimea Canyon Lookout
Kauai - Waimea Canyon Helicopter

2004 Movies

Aquatennial Fireworks
Loon on Pimushe Lake
Deer Fawns in our Yard
Packer Game - Lambeau Bowl