The Good
1993 - Trip to New York
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At the Foot of Building Two 1993_Building_2.jpg (15903 bytes)
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At the Top 1993_At_The_Top.jpg (24918 bytes)
View from Liberty Island 1993_Liberty_Island.jpg (20923 bytes)
1999 - Trip to New York

From Liberty Island

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Up Close 1999_Up_Close.jpg (21647 bytes)
Day from the Empire State Building 1999_From_Empire.jpg (30202 bytes)
At Dusk from the Empire State Building 1999_dusk_from_Empire.jpg (22586 bytes)

At Night from the Empire State Building

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At the Top 1999_Dad_Justin_on_Top.jpg (29657 bytes)
At the Top 1999_Standing_on_Top.jpg (28126 bytes)
Other New York Memories


The Bad, and the Ugly
First Plane Hits First_Plane_Hits.jpg (21985 bytes)
Second Plane Attacking Second_Plane_As_It_Hits.jpg (21755 bytes)
Second Plane Hits Second_Plane_Hits_Seen_From_Below.jpg (19802 bytes)
Second Plane Hits Second_Attack_from_Air.jpg (17332 bytes)
Second Plane Hits Second_Plane_Hits_Up_Close.jpg (16367 bytes)
Collapse collapse.jpg (14423 bytes)
Arial View of Ground Zero - March 2002



Humor - The Best Medicine

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Message from Boeing
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Editorial Cartoons with a Message